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Dangerous Bacteria

          Doubled over a bucket, fever at about 102 degrees Fahrenheit, and chills running down his spine, a man with E. coli wishes he wasn’t sick. E. coli is a very unpleasant bacterium to be infected with. It can leave someone stuck in their house for a week or in extreme cases dead. This man I described, unbeknownst to him, was infected by his unclean water.

Coliform & E. coli Bacteria

          Disease causing bacteria including E. coli, fall under one large umbrella called Coliform. Coliform bacteria are very common. It can be found in the forest, in animals, and in humans. Most Coliform are not harmful. However, when found in water, Coliform indicates there is a possibility that pathogens may be present. Typically, when Coliform are found in water, it originates from farm land, sewer leaks, or other wildlife populations.

Do I have Coliform?

          City water, unless there is a problem within the water treatment system, tends to be treated for bacteria. If you have a well or a rural water system, you may have bacteria in your water. Since Coliform and E. coli thrive in dung, rural water systems are their common victims. However, a simple coliform test is cheap and easy to complete whether you have city or well water.


          If you get your water tested by a state certified lab and the results are positive for coliform, you are not hopeless. A CUV system disinfects pathogens by using UV light. Ultraviolet light, when it comes in contact with pathogens, corrupts their DNA. So when the disease makers try to replicate, they can’t. Even if they enter your body, they will die within a few hours, being unable to infect you.

Martin Water Conditioning

Martin Water Conditioning offers CUV Systems to disinfect pathogens. We offer plenty of water treatment systems at affordable prices able to fit within any budget. We would be happy to serve you in any way!