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Is Hard Water Safe to Drink?

If you have discovered a white ring around your faucet or white spots on your dishes, you probably have hard water. Pouring your next glass of water may give you pause as you wonder what you’re drinking. More importantly, you may wonder whether the water you’re drinking is safe.

What Is Hard Water?

As water percolates through the ground it picks up minerals along the way. Anything ranging from calcium to iron may be dissolved into your water as it flows through the soil and rock on its way to the aquifer. Wells typically contain hard water. Township water can vary in hardness depending upon the area and how the water is treated. However, overall a large percentage of homes in the U.S. have hard water.

Is Hard Water Safe To Drink?

          Hard water has not been correlated with any health issues. Actually, the common minerals that tend to dissolve into water, like calcium, are good for the body. It has even been suggested that hard water can help prevent heart disease, although there is no rock-solid proof. While minerals contained in the water may be good for the body, minimal amounts are provided. Proper amounts of minerals must come from healthy eating. All in all, if you have been consuming hard water for a while do not panic.  

Why Should I Soften My Water Then?

          Since hard water isn’t dangerous and may even have health benefits, why should anyone soften their water? The biggest reason is that it economically makes sense. Hard water makes it more difficult to wash clothing and dishes. Imagine two quarreling siblings. The detergent or soap exerts its cleaning powers against the minerals rather than the dirt and oils you are trying to remove from the products themselves. So, if you have hard water you will need to use more soap and detergent when you wash things. Also, hard water damages plumbing systems, appliances, and faucets. It can reduce the life of an appliance or clog a pipe. Both of these require money and time to fix. Simply put, hard water costs more money to have and it’s a nuisance.

Martin Water Conditioning

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