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Learning and Hydration

It’s that time of year again. The time when your little girl turns into a big kid on her first day of school or your young man runs off to college to earn his degree. At any age or grade level hydration is very important for learning.

Learning and Hydration

Our brains consist of roughly 73% of water. They are very similar to our bodies. When your child doesn’t drink enough water he or she can experience headaches and poor concentration. Vice versa if your child consumes plenty of water he or she will experience higher brain efficiency. When sitting in class or doing homework, it is best to have a hydrated mind.

Clean Water and Health

Staying hydrated is very important, but making sure your water is clean is just as important. Depending on location, nearby mines, or bacteria certain water sources can be polluted. That means the water that reaches your home may not always be safe. Children are especially susceptible to bad water due to size and growth needs. Keeping your home water clean is good for you and your kids so that they may succeed.

Tips to Stay Hydrated

Kids and teenagers alike don’t always drink water as often as they should. Some stubborn children may even avoid water at all cost because it lacks flavor. However, there are some ways to encourage your children to stay hydrated.

  • Provide a bottle of filtered water for them to take to school.
  • Pack fruits with high water concentrations like watermelon in their lunches.
  • Drink water yourself and set an example.
  • Depending on age, having bendy straws or a colorful bottle can grab a child’s attention.
  • Add juice or flavor packs to their water to give it flavor.

Following these tips and other methods can help encourage your young brainiac to drink more water. If they are in college, just tell them water will help them on the finals. Not energy drinks.

Martin Water Conditioning

Martin Water Conditioning offers water treatment systems that can protect your child from lead, bacteria, and other pollutants. We want to help keep your family safe at family-friendly prices. We would be glad to help you!