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Reverse Osmosis System


There are many drinking water filtration systems in the world ranging from activated carbon filters to ultraviolet systems. Deciding on the best option for your home can be difficult and challenging. It can be a decision you spend weeks or months pondering. Is there a drinking water filtration system out there that stands out from the rest?

Reverse Osmosis

A very popular and very effective drinking water filtration system, reverse osmosis is relatively simple for how well it works. Some systems require electricity, magnetic plates, or UV lights, but the reverse osmosis system does not. All it requires is water pressure and a semi-permeable membrane. As water flows through the membrane it catches sediment, lead, and many other contaminants. Trapping the contaminants in the membrane, the reverse osmosis system then runs the clean drinking water into a storage tank. Membranes can purify the water from impurities so small they are only .001 microns big!


A concern many people have regarding filtration systems is whether or not their system requires a lot of maintenance. No one wants to be bothered with expensive replacements every month or annoying checkups all the time. The reverse osmosis system, due to its simplicity, requires very little upkeep. A majority of reverse osmosis systems only require you to change your filter once a year along with a sanitation process. Besides that one day out of the year the system can be left alone. There are certain exceptions for buildings that use exceptionally large amounts of water.

Other Filtration Systems

The reverse osmosis system is not the be all end all in the water filtration world, right? Of course not. Certain water problems or specific issues require different solutions, but in general the reverse osmosis system is a top of the line drinking water filtration system. The vast majority of water problems can be tackled by this simple system. Besides, it saves you money compared to many other systems that use electricity or light bulbs to purify the water.

The Final Results

At the end of the day, the most important thing is that your water is as crisp and clean as it can be. A reverse osmosis system will guarantee you fresh, high-quality, and delectable drinking water while saving you money.

Martin Water Conditioning

Martin Water Conditioning offers a variety of affordable Kinetico reverse osmosis systems. We would be happy to serve you in any way!