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The Season For Thankfulness

The season for thankfulness, family, and scrumptious food is upon us. Thanksgiving is a great time to gather love ones around a table and fellowship. Although loved ones come first, the food you eat this fall season ought to be the best it can. Did you know that soft water can drastically improve your dining experience?


When you cook with hard water that has total dissolved solids (TDS), the minerals in it mingle with the food. They alter the taste of your favorite meals such as pastas, bread, vegetables, and more. If your water has uncommon pH levels, even if it is by a small margin, it can impact baked goods that utilize yeast. This is because pH weakens the acidity in yeast which plays a big part in giving your baked goods an extra boost in flavor.


Most people know that the appearance of food, whether we like to admit it or not, does matter. If something looks good, we will more likely enjoy it and vice versa. Hard water with TDS dulls the colors of many foods we boil and steam. Vegetables with normally ripe colors will lack vibrance. Instead of eliciting excited stares, your food may only extract common looks.


Hard water impacts human skin negatively. It is no different for foods with skins. Hard water just has no regard for skin, no matter who or what it belongs to. Foods you submerge in water like beans or vegetables will harden. Tougher skins impact cook times, the effort it takes to chew, and the overall eating experience.

Martin Water

Make the right call this Thanksgiving season, and get your water checked out. We offer a free water analysis. If your water is found to be hard, we have plenty of affordable water softeners that can fit within most any budget. We’d love to serve you!