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Benefits of Soft Water

Have you ever dried off with a towel that is super soft? Or marvel at how spotless some people’s glasses are? These are the benefits of soft water.

Soft Water

What is soft water? The simple definition is water that has a low concentration of particular ions. As water percolates through the ground, minerals and sediment dissolve into it. If you utilize city water, you are not exempt from hard water. Depending on how townships treat their water, city water can be just as hard as well water. Plus, as water travels through pipes, it can pick up minerals along the way. A water softener replaces these hard minerals with soft minerals.

Benefits of Soft Water

Soft water has multiple benefits. Benefits that improve your household cleanliness, preserve your pipes, and keep your skin hydrated.

Clear Glasses – Do your glasses look spotty? After your dishwasher announces the end of its final cycle, do you find your dishes with water spots? Water spots can come from certain minerals and soaps. After the water dries or evaporates, the residue left behind is what the water contained. Soft water, low in calcium and magnesium, helps leave your glasses spotless.  

Softer Clothing and Towels – Leaving residue behind, hard water does the same to your clothing. Hard minerals and sediment end up being absorbed into your clothing’s fabric, making it stiffer. On the other hand, soft water keeps your clothing healthy and comfy.

Softer Skin – Following the theme regarding mineral residue, hard water also irritates your skin. After showering or bathing, your skin may feel dry or rough. This could be a result of the minerals in your water. After drying yourself, the hard minerals in your water may soak into your skin and suck the life out of it. However, soft water leaves your skin cleansed and refreshed.

Long-Lasting Pipes – Finally, hard minerals or sediment can erode or clog pipes. Water pipes are subject to the elements in your water. As the water continues to pass through your pipes or fill your appliances, scaling occurs. Latching onto the pipes, the minerals eventually build up in your pipes or appliances, creating clogs or cracks. Soft water protects your pipes by eliminating the destructive minerals.

Removes Iron

Some water softeners don’t only break down minerals, but also draw out other elements such as iron. Areas with high-concentrations of iron can cause red or brown staining to clothes and sinks. Certain water softeners reduce iron concentration and protect your family from other harmful contaminants.

Martin Water Conditioning

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