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Fluoridated Water

Do you live in a city or town that puts fluoride in their water? Are you concerned about the health effects of drinking fluoridated water,

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Calcified Showerhead - Kinetico Martin Water

Effects of Hard Water

Have you ever noticed water spots, scum, or mineral stains on your dishes? Perhaps, while showering, you realize that half of your shower head is

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Rotten Egg Smell - Women with Disgusted Face
Water Problems

Rotten Egg Smell

Have you ever gotten a whiff of rotten egg smell when pouring water into your cup? It’s a terrible experience. That rotten egg smell originates

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Well Water

Water Safety

Have you ever wondered what is in your water? Whether you drink well or city water there are numerous contaminants that can enter what you

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Dry Skin Problems Caused by Hard Water
Health & Beauty

Dry Skin Problems

The winter season is coming our way quickly. The time for hot cocoa and comforters will be here shortly. Despite these enjoyable qualities, wintertime also

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Rusty water - Iron in Water

Iron In Water

Opening the shower curtain, ready to take a relaxing shower, you may notice orange stains around the drain. Rust marks, like rivers, may run down

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Methemoglobinemia: are you at risk? - The Danger of Nitrates

The Danger of Nitrates

We all desire clean drinking water. Water we can trust. However, this world is full of pollutants constantly putting our drinking water at risk. One

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