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Rusty water - Iron in Water

Iron In Water

Opening the shower curtain, ready to take a relaxing shower, you may notice orange stains around the drain. Rust marks, like rivers, may run down

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Methemoglobinemia: are you at risk? - The Danger of Nitrates

The Danger of Nitrates

We all desire clean drinking water. Water we can trust. However, this world is full of pollutants constantly putting our drinking water at risk. One

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Blue sports car - spot free clean
Service Tips

Spot Free Clean

As Spring teases us with warm weather, the time to wash vehicles regularly in the sun is right around the corner. Although the experience can

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Sick girl in bed - dangers of lead water

Dangers of Lead Water

Calling the ambulance, left arm completely numb, John breaks out into a cold sweat. His blood pressure, left unchecked for years, climaxed, leading to his

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Bacteria under microscope - dangerous bacteria

Dangerous Bacteria

          Doubled over a bucket, fever at about 102 degrees Fahrenheit, and chills running down his spine, a man with E. coli wishes he wasn’t

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Pouring water into a glass - benefits of soft water

Benefits of Soft Water

Have you ever dried off with a towel that is super soft? Or marvel at how spotless some people’s glasses are? These are the benefits

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Kinetico leak detection full system
Detection Systems

Leak Detection System

If your basement has ever flooded, water stained your wall, or your ceiling bubbled with water you know how frustrating it can be. It takes

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Corroding pipe - corrosive water
Water Problems

Corrosive Water

Have you ever returned from vacation to a leaking pipe? Maybe you have seen blue-green staining in your sinks and toilets.  Or maybe your water

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Anniversary Sale Logo

Anniversary Sale

Anniversaries are beautiful. They mark another year of loyalty, hard-work, and success. Here at Martin Water, we are proud to say we have been around

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