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Pouring water into a glass - benefits of soft water

Benefits of Soft Water

Have you ever dried off with a towel that is super soft? Or marvel at how spotless some people’s glasses are? These are the benefits

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Kinetico leak detection full system
Detection Systems

Leak Detection System

If your basement has ever flooded, water stained your wall, or your ceiling bubbled with water you know how frustrating it can be. It takes

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Corroding pipe - corrosive water
Water Problems

Corrosive Water

Have you ever returned from vacation to a leaking pipe? Maybe you have seen blue-green staining in your sinks and toilets.  Or maybe your water

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Anniversary Sale Logo

Anniversary Sale

Anniversaries are beautiful. They mark another year of loyalty, hard-work, and success. Here at Martin Water, we are proud to say we have been around

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Danger Chlorine - Chlorine and Chloramines
Water Problems

Chlorine And Chloramines

It is summer time! It’s time to enjoy the smell of cook-outs, the warmth of the sun, and the delight of chlorinated pools. Chlorine and

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Kinetico - Drinking water station and systems at Martin Water Conditioning

Reverse Osmosis System

  There are many drinking water filtration systems in the world ranging from activated carbon filters to ultraviolet systems. Deciding on the best option for

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Smoke - Dangerous PFOA

Dangerous PFOA

Have you ever used a non-stick frying pan or other Teflon products? Teflon is a very useful product due to its slippery surface and chemical

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Lambo - Spot Free Rinse

Spot Free Rinse

Spot Free Rinse Have you ever washed your vehicle on a nice sunny day and when you were all done went inside your house for

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Women looking at glass of water - water smells like sulfur

Water Smells Like Sulfur

Water Smells Like Sulfur Have you ever smelled a rotten egg before? It’s not only unpleasant, it’s actually rather off-putting. If you ever come across

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