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Leak Detection System

If your basement has ever flooded, water stained your wall, or your ceiling bubbled with water you know how frustrating it can be. It takes time to fix these nuisances as well as effort. Plus, as insult to injury, it can be very expensive. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to prevent leaks?

Leak Detection System

Luckily, there is a way to prevent leaks! The Kinetico Leak Detection System is a top of the line system that shuts off the water within 5 seconds in the event of a leak. Whether you’re home, gone for the evening, or away for an entire month, the system will stop leaks in a heartbeat. When you are on that month-long vacation, the Kinetico Monitoring app notifies you if a leak was detected. How does it work?

The Power of 3

The Leak Detection System consists of three in-home components: the sensor, hub, and shut-off valve. Together they are able to protect your home from most leaks.

The Sensor

 Suppose that your bathroom had a leak near the sink. The Kinetico Sensor would be placed at a critical position beneath or near the sink’s pipes so that when the water began to puddle the sensor would detect water and send a signal to…

The Shut Off Valve

The shut off valve is strategically placed at the main water supply of your home. When it receives a signal from one of the sensors, it shuts off the water within 5 seconds. The center of this signal, making sure you’re notified of any leaks is…

The Hub

The center of the Leak Detection System is the Hub. The Hub sends signals throughout your home to connect all the sensors to the shut-off valve. When a signal gets sent to the shut-off valve to cut off the water supply, the Hub notifies your app via internet that there has been a leak.

Martin Water Conditioning

Here at Martin Water Conditioning, we install Leak Detection Systems. If you would like to prevent a future leak check us out! We would love to help you!