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Iron In Water

Opening the shower curtain, ready to take a relaxing shower, you may notice orange stains around the drain. Rust marks, like rivers, may run down the sides of your bath tub. If this is the scenario you find yourself in, you may have an iron problem.

Common Iron Problems

Although iron does not harm the body, when it’s in your water it can create several nuisances. Here are five.


One of the most common problems iron-saturated water has is that it leaves stains. This can range from small rust marks around the faucet to an entire bath tub being coated in a film of orange. When iron contacts enough air, it oxidizes creating rust. So, even if your water looks clear, it can still stain surfaces if there’s enough iron dissolved into the water.

Water Decolorization

There are two common types of iron, ferric and ferrous. Ferrous is the kind that is dissolved in your water, which as stated earlier can still oxidize and stain surfaces, but can’t be seen in your water. However, ferric iron can be seen in your water. It is not soluble. If your water is contaminated with ferric iron, you will be able to tell by the rust color in your water.

Bitter Flavor

A little bit of iron will not affect the taste. If your water has a high concentration of iron, it will taste bitter and steal from the water’s refreshing qualities.

Laundry & Dishes Problems

Since iron oxidizes, that means it can stain more than just drains and faucets. Washing your clothing in water polluted with iron may stain white garments or discolor other articles of clothing. Being a metal, iron is not gentle with fabrics, it can also make your clothing dingy, weaker, and fray more quickly. Similar to laundry, dishes will also experience more wear and tear when being cleaned with iron-water. Plates and cups may start developing rust stains or spots.

Clogged Pipes

The costliest and most extreme problem is clogged pipes. In severe cases, when someone’s iron concentration is high, it can start collecting in pipes. With enough time, it’ll clog pipes, drains, and faucets. This requires repairs, replacements, and in some cases professionals to service your pipes, costing you both time and money.


If you are a rust-water victim and notice these symptoms around your house, there is a way to solve the issue. Twin tank Kinetico water softeners are extremely effective at removing iron. Sometimes, in special cases, there may be a need for special filters meant to capture sediment and other contaminants such as iron. These can accompany a softener, creating a powerful combo.

Martin Water Conditioning

Martin Water Conditioning offers a free water analysis to detect iron. We offer plenty of water treatment options to remove iron at affordable prices able to fit within your budget. We would be happy to serve you in any way!