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At Martin Water, we understand that water issues in your home can be a headache.

From hard water that ruins appliances to contaminants that affect your family’s health, we’re here to offer solutions. Explore common water problems and discover how we can help you resolve them.

Water Problems

Hard Water

Struggling with limescale and soap scum? Our water softeners turn hard water soft, protecting your appliances and giving you cleaner, softer laundry.

Chlorine Taste and Smell

Chlorine in your water? Our advanced filtration systems remove the taste and smell, giving you fresh, pleasant-tasting water.

Iron & Manganese Stains

Tired of stains on your fixtures? Our solutions effectively remove iron and manganese, keeping your sinks and toilets spotless.

Acidic Water (Low pH)

Protect your pipes from corrosion caused by low pH water with our neutralizing systems

Sediment and Turbidity

Get crystal clear water free from visible particles with our sediment filters.

Lead Contamination

Concerned about lead? Our certified filters can reduce lead levels, ensuring your water is safe to drink.

Bacterial Contamination

Eliminate harmful bacteria with our UV purification systems, ensuring your water is hygienic and safe.

Relax, your water woes end here with our

Water Problems!

For each of these problems, Martin Water offers a tailored solution. From state-of-the-art filtration systems to eco-friendly water softeners, we ensure your water is pure, safe, and enjoyable


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