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Is Hard Water Harmful to Hair?

Hair is precious and ought to be properly cared for. Most people however have trouble taking care of their hair and can find it an annoying task. The cause of many hair problems is the water used to clean it.

Hard Water Vs. Soft Water

It may seem odd to some people that water can vary in its consistency. Isn’t all water the same after all? Not at all! The water that reaches your tap, whether it be from a municipal facility or a well can contain much more than water. Minerals such as calcium can saturate your water. When your water consists of a significant amount of minerals then it is considered hard.  Soft water, on the other hand, lacks these minerals.

Hard Water and Hair

Hard Water does not treat hair well. The minerals in hard water, such as calcium and magnesium, interact with the shampoo or conditioner you use to form limescale. Over time the scum and limescale left behind from your shampoo and hard water will settle into your scalp. Flaking from your head, dandruff appears, and your hair dries out as it struggles to gain moisture. In extreme cases, your dyed hair may change colors or thin because the minerals are excessive. If you like smooth silky hair that does not itch, then hard water is not your friend.

Soft Water and Hair

Soft water, having little to no minerals, doesn’t create limescale. Instead, it actually helps your conditioner soften your hair. Since shampoos and conditioners fight with hard water, more must be used to be effective. However, soft water presents no barriers to shampoos and conditioners allowing each drop to be used most effectively. Then as soft water moisturizes your hair follicles, it will develop more natural oils to preserve the beauty of your hair. These oils are what you can thank for silky, smooth, and healthy hair.

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