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Anniversary Sale

Anniversaries are beautiful. They mark another year of loyalty, hard-work, and success. Here at Martin Water, we are proud to say we have been around for 46 years! Yes, it is our 46th anniversary! We have a long history of customer service and quality products, but it is only because of our customers that we are still around! To give back to our wonderful customers, we are offering very special deals this special anniversary month from the 4th to the 14th.

In-Store Salt Sale

A lot of water conditioners have something in common. They need salt. During October we are offering incredible deals on salt (salt sales are in-store only). We are offering 40-pound bags of salt pellets for $5.09 (per bag) and 50-pound bags of Solar Salt for $5.29 (per bag). We are also offering 40-pound bags of Iron Fighter for $7.29 (per bag) and 25-pound salt pellets for $4.35 (per bag).

Water Systems*

If you don’t have an in-home water system or if yours needs updated, we can help. We are offering K5 reverse osmosis systems for $100 dollars off and $40 dollars off ultraviolet sterilizers. If financing or installation costs are your concerns, we are offering 10 to 20 percent off installation costs and 18 to 48 month special financing. We have offers helpful to anyone looking for a new or updated water system.

*Offers cannot be combined or applied to prior sales.

In-Store Filter & Supplies Sale

Systems need more than just salt for maintenance. They also need filters and other supplies. For purchases over $40 we are giving a $5 discount and if purchases are over $65 we are offering $10 discounts for in-store purchases only.

Martin Water

We are proud of our many years of service and are delighted to offer such great deals to our amazing customers. If you are interested in what we can offer you check us out at or call (800) 887-7555. We would love to help you! **Be aware our anniversary sale dates are October4th-14th.