Cloudy And Discolored Water

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Clear and crisp water is refreshing, but what if your water isn’t clear? What if your water is cloudy or discolored? Is it still safe to drink? Maybe, maybe not. There is a sure way to tell, but before we get into that, what can cause cloudy/discolored water?

Boiling Water Advisory

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Has your area ever gotten a boil water alert? Was your water ever deemed hazardous or potentially contaminated? If so, you know it is not a pleasant experience. What is a Boil Water Alert or Advisory? A boil water alert or advisory is a warning sent out by your health officials within your local area…. Read more »

Effects of Hard Water

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Calcified Showerhead - Kinetico Martin Water

Have you ever noticed water spots, scum, or mineral stains on your dishes? Perhaps, while showering, you realize that half of your shower head is clogged by strange, white build-up. If any of these descriptions describe your life, you most likely have hard water. What is Hard Water and Soft Water? Hard water, unlike soft… Read more »