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Cloudy And Discolored Water

Clear and crisp water is refreshing, but what if your water isn’t clear? What if your water is cloudy or discolored? Is it still safe to drink? Maybe, maybe not. There is a sure way to tell, but before we get into that, what can cause cloudy/discolored water?

Air Bubbles

Normally, air in your water is harmless. The rule of thumb is that if you put water in a clear glass and after a few moments it begins to clear from the bottom up it is some kind of air. The question is, what is causing that air? And, is the air oxygen, methane, or something else? Having a plumbing evaluation and conducting a water test can give us some answers to those questions.


Sediment is usually made up of very small pieces of rock, silt or sand. This does not necessarily mean the water is unsafe but could be an indicator of surface water getting into your well. There could also be concern of build up from your city water lines breaking loose as a high volume of water flows through. Usually, this can be resolved with a simple sediment filter but again, we highly recommend having the water tested and a plumbing evaluation done to ensure there is not something else that is causing this issue.


Discolored water that doesn’t settle out or takes a long time to settle out could come from a number of different possibilities. Iron, manganese, tannins, turbidity, and colloidal suspensions are just a few contaminants that will cause a discoloration. Often these can come from a natural source, or they can come from the distribution system (the plumbing). Is it safe? We would advise you not drink or use any water without having it tested to know for sure.


Our recommendation… don’t get the cart ahead of the horse. Don’t buy a bunch of different equipment without having 1) a certified water specialists test your water. 2) Someone you trust that understands and has a long track record of dealing with the water in your area. And, 3) Someone who will give you a guarantee that your water will be clear and safe when they are done.

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