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Boiling Water Advisory

Has your area ever gotten a boil water alert? Was your water ever deemed hazardous or potentially contaminated? If so, you know it is not a pleasant experience.

What is a Boil Water Alert or Advisory?

A boil water alert or advisory is a warning sent out by your health officials within your local area. They do this when it is suspected that certain water sources, such as city water, may be contaminated by germs. Normally the health officials will suggest, if they suspect your water is contaminated, that you boil your water or buy bottled water until updated to do otherwise. Such advisories can incur extra costs or prove to be inconvenient when they arise.

Can I just use a filter?

Most water filters that you attach to your sink nozzle or may be in your refrigerator are not effective against germs. They are especially untrustworthy during an actual water emergency in the case your water happens to get really contaminated. Therefore, relying on a simple at-home filter isn’t the best option to counteract a boil water alert.

Whole House Water System

That being said, if you have a filtration system designed to neutralize bacteria and viruses then your water will be safe. Take for instance Kinetico’s reverse osmosis system with a bacteria and virus cartridge in it. That system is able to protect your water even in the scenario of a boil water alert, therefore, providing you with peace of mind.

Martin Water

At Martin Water we provide Kinetico whole house water systems to protect you and your family. We would love to serve you!