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Chlorinated Water Problems

Does your water taste like a pool? Do you live in a town or city? Your water is probably chlorinated.

Why Is Water Chlorinated?

Water is chlorinated to treat it, helping kill bacteria and other pathogens. It eliminates diseases and in the right proportions is great for keeping communities safe. However, does the water you drink need to taste and feel like pool water?

Problems with Chlorine

Chlorine may be a great disinfectant, but it isn’t a great element to expose yourself to on a regular basis. There are not many health issues correlated with chlorinated water, but it can cause minor nuisances. When people shower with chlorinated water or hand wash dishes, they often experience more dry skin problems than people with soft water. They can also experience problems with brittle hair. Not to mention the water simply doesn’t taste good. So, it’s great that townships and cities make sure their citizens are safe by using chlorine, but it would be better if the water could be treated and still feel and taste good.

Drinking Systems

Certain drinking systems and filters can eliminate chlorine once it reaches your home, while further purifying the water to ensure that your house water is the best it can be.

Martin Water Conditioning

Martin Water Conditioning offers chlorine filters at affordable prices able to fit within most budgets. We would be happy to serve you in any way!