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Chlorine And Chloramines

It is summer time! It’s time to enjoy the smell of cook-outs, the warmth of the sun, and the delight of chlorinated pools. Chlorine and chloramines serve as effective water disinfectants, but are they safe for you to drink?

Where is Chlorine or Chloramine Used?

For decades the EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, has regulated municipal water. The agency requires cities and townships to disinfect their water to prevent bacteria growth along with other water borne pathogens. For many years chlorine and chloramines have been used to disinfect tap water. It is the most commonly used water disinfectant in North America.

What are The Differences Between Chlorine and Chloramine?

Chloramine is a combination of chlorine with ammonia. The ammonia stabilizes the chlorine so it is less reactive. Since chloramine causes less harmful byproducts, many water suppliers are adding chloramine as a supplemental disinfectant.

What are The Dangers of Chlorinated Water?

According to the EPA, there are no known health hazards from drinking chlorinated water. However, that does not mean chlorine is good for you. If in large amounts, chlorine and chloramines can be very harmful, if not deadly. They also damage and corrode faucets, shower heads, and pipes. Chlorine over time can be very costly.

How Do I Eliminate Chlorine and Chloramines From My Water?

There are drinking systems and filters tat are able to purify your drinking water. However, be aware that simple chlorine filters do not filter chloramines. If chloramines are in your tap water you would need a special drinking system to filter your water.

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