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Effects of Hard Water

Have you ever noticed water spots, scum, or mineral stains on your dishes? Perhaps, while showering, you realize that half of your shower head is clogged by strange, white build-up. If any of these descriptions describe your life, you most likely have hard water.

What is Hard Water and Soft Water?

Hard water, unlike soft water, has a high concentration of minerals such as magnesium or calcium. The minerals are dissolved, therefore indistinguishable from soft water visually. Soft Water on the other hand does not have a high concentration of minerals but has a low amount of sodium to help eradicate the minerals.

Negative Health Effects

Hard water does not present any serious physical harm to get stressed over. However, if you enjoy having silky, soft hair or smooth skin hard water is your enemy. Hard water aggravates skin and hair by drying them out. If your prone to contract eczema you may experience extra discomfort by showering in hard water as it enflames your rashes.

Property Damage

Hard Water is not only tough on your body, but also on your plumbing systems and dishes. The dissolved minerals over time collect or build up in certain areas across your plumbing. Therefore, pipes may clog or corrode as well as other systems that utilize water such as washing machines, faucets, water heaters, and more.

However, hard water can do more than harm your plumbing. If you notice scum on your dishes, you most likely have hard water. The dissolved minerals in hard water eventually solidify on the surface of dishes to steal from their beauty and overtime eat chip or corrode certain types of dishes. It is the same scum or build-up notices on faucets or shower heads.

Benefits of Soft Water

All the aforementioned damages caused by hard water are not relevant when you have soft water. Rather, soft water improves most at home practices. For instance, your skin and hair ought to be noticeably softer and healthier after using soft water. Cleaning dishes, after eliminating softening your water, ought to be cleaner and nearly spotless. Plus, soft water doesn’t damage your plumbing or hurts your systems, therefore saving you money.

Martin Water Conditioning

If you notice that your water and plumbing are showing signs of being hard, there are solutions. Martin Water Conditioning offers water softening systems at affordable prices. If you would like to get your water tested, we offer a free water test! We would love to serve you!