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Pink Slime in My Bathroom

Have you stepped into your bathroom and noticed pink stains in your tub or sink? You may have a problem with Serratia Marcescens (a mouthful of a name that stands for a specific type of bacteria).

What is Serratia Marcescens

Serratia marcescens is an aerial bacterium. It traditionally thrives in moist areas and reacts with soap scum or feces creating its notable pink stain. It is noteworthy to repeat that this pink stain has nothing to do with your water quality. Serratia marcescens dwells in the air or on surfaces, not in your water. Therefore, water treatment in most cases won’t resolve the pink slime issue.

Is Serratia Marcescens Harmful

Serratia Marcescens isn’t harmful. Besides being a nuisance, it is uncommon for the bacteria to be associated with any sort of health difficulties. People with compromised immune systems may experience some trouble when the bacteria is present, but for the average person the bacteria is harmless.


If you can’t treat your water to get rid of the pink stains, is it possible to do anything about the bacteria? It is tricky to fully eliminate the bacteria making it difficult to fully prevent your bathroom from developing the pink stain. However, there are means to manage the pink nuisance.

  • Ventilate your bathroom as much as possible, especially during and after showers.
  • Use product to remove soap scum from your sink or shower.
  • Lessen the amount of moisture you leave on your bathroom equipment.

There are other products or home remedies you can use to help scrub away the pink slime when it appears. Chlorinated water can also help lessen the amount of pink slime that will appear, although it cannot fully remove the possibility of pink stains.


Serratia Marcescens is annoying. It would certainly be easier if a water filter could resolve the issue, however, there are ways to manage the bacteria that will help your bathroom appear presentable!

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