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How Soft Water Impacts Plants

Many people love to raise flowers or grow gardens to feed their families. However, what type of water is best for plants? Is soft water dangerous for plants or is hard water more harmful? And what about acidic water? We will answer all these questions in this blog!

Soft Water’s Impact On Plants

Soft water is great for your home and for flavor, however is soft water great for plants? Plants require certain vitamins and minerals to thrive. They get some of this needed substance through the sun, but they also get some of their minerals and vitamins through water. Therefore, most plants cannot live off purely soft water their whole lives (although some flowers thrive well off soft water). That being said, if plants are exposed to rainwater, soft water will not harm plants that are getting the minerals they need from the rain. However, it is important that if you have indoor plants to feed them water with certain minerals such as calcium and magnesium.

Acidic Water’s Impact On Plants

Depending on the plants you are growing, acidic water can be a good or bad thing. Different plants need different pH levels to flourish. Therefore, acidic water can kill plants as much as base water can. It is important you understand what type of water your specific plants require.


It is possible to get soft water within your house and through your tap without it reaching outdoor spigots or other outlets. If you want hard water to be given to your plants, then you can keep a certain spigot available for that purpose.

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