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Kinex Salt Monitoring System

Introducing Kinex Salt Monitoring System

With the Kinex Salt Monitor and the Kinetico App you will never check your water softener salt again!

Never Manually Check Your Salt Level Again!

Get salt alerts on your smartphone with the Kinex Salt Monitor and The Kinetico App.

  • Automatic monitoring of salt levels in the tank.
  • Keeps your water soft by ensuring you have enough salt.
  • Order salt when you need it, not after you’re out.

With the Kinex Salt Monitoring System, paired with The Kinetico App, you can easily monitor:

  • Most recent salt fill date.
  • Estimated days to deplete the current salt in the brine tank, or a 40lb bag based on usage.
  • Estimated number of bags needed to reach the maximum brine tank level.
  • Salt consumption data in easy-to-understand graphs.
Leak Sensor

Leak Sensor

The Kinetico Leak Sensor protects your most high risk areas, including washing machines, water heaters, bathrooms, and HVAC units. The sensor sends the signal to shut off water within 5 seconds or less, and alerts you of a leak. Contact your local Kinetico dealer for more information. Frequently Asked Questions

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