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The Importance of Drinking Water

The nectar of life, water, sustains us all. Without it, humanity would turn to dust in a manner of days. Arguably, clean drinking water may be one of the most salient investments anyone can make. Here are three reasons why clean drinking water is so important.


It may seem painfully obvious that water is vital for survival, but at times we may fail to recognize how vital. Our bodies are composed of roughly 60% water. This varies between genders, ages, and body types. The cells that govern our bodily functions thrive off water and rely on it to perform their essential tasks. Consider the brain. If neurons are not properly hydrated, they will grow irritated, reduce productivity, and cause headaches or other pains. Water is their life force. In order to maintain healthy water levels, it is suggested that people drink two to three liters of water a day or roughly four to six cups.

Disease Prevention

Although water is necessary to live, it can be contaminated. Parasites, bacteria, chemicals, lead, and other heavy metals can fester in different water sources. Consuming infected water may be just as dangerous as drinking no water at all. Therefore, purified water is not only desirable, it can also be lifesaving. Plus, when the human body is properly hydrated with clean water, the immune system is strengthened and able to conquer future diseases.

Mood Improvement

Finally, a proper amount of water consumption improves a person’s mood. When the body is healthy and the brain can operate normally, people are known to feel better. Often times dehydration leads to anxiety, confusion, frustration, fatigue, and other ailments. Maintaining your water levels will help keep your spirits up.

Martin Water Conditioning

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