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How a Water System Can Help Your Restaurant

Running a restaurant isn’t easy. Restaurant owners need to make sure the aesthetics are pleasant, the service is friendly, and most importantly, ensure the food is delicious. With so much to think about, sometimes restaurant owners can look over an important resource: water.

The Importance of Good Water

Most restaurant owners understand that their water needs to be safe. If a restaurant has infected water or water that is filthy, it won’t be in business for long. However, not all restaurant owners understand the value of soft and refreshing water.


If you’re like me, you have been at a restaurant and ordered a water with lemon only to be overwhelmed by overly chlorinated, or oddly flavored water. The experience is unpleasant and can even make the food less enjoyable. However, when the water is refreshing and crisp, it hydrates the body and lifts the consumer’s spirits.

Better Food

Hard water, acidic water, or chlorinated water can impact the quality of a restaurant’s food. When cooking with untreated water, the flavor of ingredients can be distorted by mingling with the high mineral content in the water. It also can make water take longer to boil or make certain types of food tougher, therefore, decreasing efficiency of restaurants and impacting the texture of meals.

Plates and Cups Appearances

If you’re a restaurant owner washing your dishes with hard water, then you can expect certain problems to arise. Dishes, especially plates and glasses, are susceptible to getting water spots, scum, or limescale when consistently exposed to hard water. Such problems steal from the aesthetics of any restaurant.

Equipment Costs

Hard water is hard on equipment. Appliances, dishes, and other products constantly exposed to hard water lose their integrity overtime. It can also, if the problem is severe enough, block up pipes or faucets. Similarly, if your water is acidic, it can create pinholes in your piping. Therefore, untreated water in general can cost a business a lot of money.


Clearly, hard water, acidic water, and even chlorinated water can have a lot of negative impacts on a restaurant’s business. Therefore, it is important that restaurants have water treatment systems in place that help eliminate these issues such as reverse osmosis filtration systems or softeners.

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