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Kinetico Kinex

Have you ever run out of salt and discover your water is no longer soft? Perhaps this has happened while you were taking a shower or getting a drink. You will no longer have to worry about running out of salt again! Kinetico just recently released the Kinex Salt Monitor!

What the Kinex Does

The Kinex monitors your salt levels. When your salt runs low the Kinex notifies you via the Kinetico mobile app that your salt tank needs to be refilled. Then, through the app, you can conveniently contact your local Kinetico dealer to order the salt you need. It is that simple.

Benefits of the Kinex

The Kinex makes your life more convenient. You will no longer have to check your salt tank manually, saving you worry and time. Plus, it gives you a convenient way to reach your local dealer. Therefore, the Kinex enables you to take showers and drink your water with more peace of mind!

Martin Water

Here at Martin Water we offer Kinex Salt Monitors that will fit any system. If interested, contact us! We would love to help!