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Water Safety

Have you ever wondered what is in your water? Whether you drink well or city water there are numerous contaminants that can enter what you drink.

Potential Water Problems

People may figure that their water contamination levels remain constant, but they do not. Erosion, weather, run-off, and other factors influence what flows in and out of your water. Many of these contaminants, if they are in your water now or may enter it later, are undetectable by the human eye. Such things as bacteria, viruses, and cysts are impossible to see if they are in your water. Therefore, seeing is not believing.

Well Vs. City Water

The difference between well and city water is treatment. Well water is more susceptible to contaminants because it is untreated. That’s why well owners ought to own water filtration systems to protect themselves from potential contaminants. However, what about people who receive their water from the city? Municipalities and other public water sources are required to treat their water. However, such places are not perfect, and they do not test the water that reaches your tap. Therefore, the water may leave their facilities treated and clean, but reach your home contaminated because of pipes corroding or other mechanical failures. Plus, for taste purposes, whole home water systems deliver crisper water that tastes better than chlorinated water.


Peace of mind is priceless. There are ways to prevent your water from being a concern.

1 – Getting your water tested to make sure there are no serious concerns. However, as stated earlier, water contamination levels can change with time.

2 – Installing a whole house water system to filter and clean your water to prevent contaminants from reaching your home.

Martin Water Conditioning

At Martin Water Conditioning we offer a free water test and affordable whole house water systems that fit most any budget. We would love to serve you!