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Dry Skin Problems

The winter season is coming our way quickly. The time for hot cocoa and comforters will be here shortly. Despite these enjoyable qualities, wintertime also brings with it some nuisances. One of these nuisances is dry skin.

How The Winter Dries Your Skin

Over the winter months, when the weather is dry and cold, your skin starts to flake and feel tight. This is because the conditions created by the winter months evaporate the moisture on your skin quicker. The oils on your skin, which are important to your skin’s health, also suffer when the moisture on your skin dissipates. The issues raised by winter weather can be mitigated by protecting your skin with plenty of clothing and using lotions.

How Your Water May Enflame Your Dry Skin

Applying lotions and wearing winter attire will help protect your skin, but it may not be enough. That is especially true if the winter season is not to blame for your dry skin. The water you bathe in, wash your hands with, or shower with may contain minerals or other elements which may dry out your skin. When you soak your skin in hard water, the minerals in the water may plug your pores and weaken the solubility of soap. So, the minerals in your hard water prevent the proper oils form reaching your skin and leaves soap scum on your skin.          

The Solution

If you have hard water, you could eliminate the minerals in your water by softening your water with a home water conditioning system. Such a system will eliminate majority of the minerals in your water and prevent most elements from reaching your shower head. Only clean, fresh water will vitalize your skin.

Martin Water Conditioning

Martin Water Conditioning offers a free water analysis to detect hard water. We offer plenty of water softeners at affordable prices able to fit within any budget. We would be happy to serve you in any way!