Cloudy And Discolored Water

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Clear and crisp water is refreshing, but what if your water isn’t clear? What if your water is cloudy or discolored? Is it still safe to drink? Maybe, maybe not. There is a sure way to tell, but before we get into that, what can cause cloudy/discolored water?

How a Water System Can Help Your Restaurant

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Running a restaurant isn’t easy. Restaurant owners need to make sure the aesthetics are pleasant, the service is friendly, and most importantly, ensure the food is delicious. With so much to think about, sometimes restaurant owners can look over an important resource: water. The Importance of Good Water Most restaurant owners understand that their water… Read more »

Pink Slime in My Bathroom

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Have you stepped into your bathroom and noticed pink stains in your tub or sink? You may have a problem with Serratia Marcescens (a mouthful of a name that stands for a specific type of bacteria). What is Serratia Marcescens Serratia marcescens is an aerial bacterium. It traditionally thrives in moist areas and reacts with… Read more »

How Soft Water Impacts Plants

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Many people love to raise flowers or grow gardens to feed their families. However, what type of water is best for plants? Is soft water dangerous for plants or is hard water more harmful? And what about acidic water? We will answer all these questions in this blog! Soft Water’s Impact On Plants Soft water… Read more »

Acne and Hard Water

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Almost everyone has had acne at some point in their life whether it be inconveniently before prom or the morning of an interview. Acne is common, especially for teenagers going through puberty, however there are many ways to prevent it that don’t include special treatment. One way to help prevent acne is by having soft… Read more »